Ricardo essentially “grew up” in the film business. As a teenager, he worked as an extra in a variety of movies. He soon discovered that it wasn’t in front of the camera, but rather behind the camera that grabbed his attention.

Fast forward to his experience in Film School. Like most young aspiring film makers, he wanted to shoot music videos. He graduated with high expectations. As with most professions, he had to start somewhere and Ricardo’s “somewhere” was at a well known production house where he worked as an equipment manager . His experience only fuelled the fire further to succeed!

Ricardo and some friends started a production house of their own. He gained valuable experience is every aspect of production.

Today, Ricardo is a husband and the proud father of three children. He volunteers his time and energy to helping aspiring film makers. Ricardo specializes in feature films, documentaries, lifestyle T.V., commercials and of course music videos. He is an expert in all formats. Ricardo is known for his talent for lighting and for his quiet and professional demeanour on set; while having fun at the same time. If you know Ricardo, then you know his love of “Juicy Fruit”! His talents have not gone unnoticed; on the contrary, Ricardo has been recognized in the industry and has many awards under his belt. He’s come a long way from that teenage boy who was just another extra.

Mobile: 416-995-0580
Skype: ricardodiazdp