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Ricardo is a member of I.A.S.T.E. 667

Selected Credits


  • Wilderness ADD Production (short film) Dir: Dawn Wilkinson
  • Anchor Baby Alpha Galore Films (feature) Director: Lonzo Nzekwe.
    Best feature, Harlem Film Festival.
    Award of Merit, L.A. Cinema Festival of Hollywood
  • Orisha Suite ASE (30 Min. Dance Film) Director: Nicole Brooks
  • Word on the Street:Counterpart Prod.(1hrs Comdey Special)Director Ian Chan
  • Statues:The Production House(Short Dance Film)Director Bobby Brown,Best film in Toronto short Asian Festival
  • Night Writer Arjuna Pictures (feature) Director: Bobby Brown
  • Hurt Charlotte Bernard Entertainment (Feature) Director: Steve DiMarco, Bronze award at Worldfest Houston
  • LoLo Child UFP Production (Feature) Director: Romeo Candito Winner of 2002 Ishmael Award
  • St. James Town D.S.S./Vision T.V. (TV Pilot) Director: Romeo Candito
  • Blue Hair Barto Films (Short Drama) Director: Barb Kymlicka, Winner of 14 various awards around the world
  • Messiah of Montreal Cine Terre Neuve (Doc/Drama made for TV) Director: Arnold Bennett
  • Twice In a Lifetime Pebblehut Lifetime Inc. (Television series, 2nd Unit 1 episode) Director: Allan King
  • Millenium Queen The Producers Network (Feature, 2nd Unit) Director: Dan D'Or
  • Instant Dread Afterlife (Drama/Comedy) Director: Dawn Wilkinson
  • Vicious Cycles Ajani Entertainment (Short Drama) Director: Marilyn Gray
  • The Red Window Pacun Peras Productions (Short Drama) Director: Mario Tenorio
  • Deadly Wake The Producers Network (Feature, 2nd Unit) Director: Dan D'Or
  • Nurse Prieto ' McTair (Docudrama) Director: Roger McTair (BFVN award 1996)
  • The Cusp The Producers Network (Feature, 2nd Unit) Director: Dan D'Or
  • Another Planet Syncopated Production (Feature 2nd Unit) Director: Christine Browne
  • Soul Survivor Miracle Pictures (Feature, 2nd Unit) Dirctor: Steve Williams
  • Satty Nushee (Reunion) Sassari Production (Drama) Director: Atul Sohia
  • Making Change Golconda Media Inc. (Short Drama) Director: Colina Philips
  • Dark Chamber Pacun Peras Productions (Short Drama) Director: Mario Tenorio
  • Flipside The Trilogy Flipside Productions (3 Short Dramas) Directors: Vanze Chapman and Eva Allen


  • Sistahs Concert ASE Productions (1 hr. TV special) Director: Nicole Brook
  • Take This House and Sell It Upfront Productions (B camera, 2 episodes)
  • Gisele's Big Backyard TVO Director: P. Gardner
  • Comedy awards Higher Ground (2 hr. Special) Director: Chas Hay
  • A Linc In Time, The Lincoln Alexander Story Asah Production Inc. (48min. Doc.) Director: Nicole Brooks
  • Chuck Berry, Chasing the King Nuance Pictures, (additional A camera) Director : Marc Swenker
  • House Hunters International Leopard Films USA
  • Sarah's House Primevista T.V. (B camera) Director: Andrea Griffith
  • Our Song Higher Grount, CMT U.S./CMT Canada (Lifestyle series 6 episodes) Director: Chas Hay
  • Dirty Business Primevista T.V.
  • Collector Showdown High Fidelity
  • Outlaw In Laws Media Headquarters (B camera)
  • Ecoraft Bell ExpressVu/Midnight Sun Production Feature Documentary
  • Are We There Yet Sinking Ship Production/National Geographic (T.V. series)
  • Mansions Lens Entertainment (Lifestyle series)
  • Jungle Room Sinking Ship Productions
  • X-Weighed (Season 2 ' 3) Weight To Go II Productions Inc.
  • FANatical Peace Point Productions (13 eps)
  • This is Emily Yeung Marble Media and Sinking Ship Productions (Lifestyle series B Camera, A Camera for 2 eps)
  • Gospel Challenge Riddle Films – L. Romalis and J. Charters (6 one hour eps.)
  • Divine Restoration Ellis Entertainment, Rui Feliz/Director, T.V. 1 (U.S.) ' Vision T.V. (Canada) (renovation series 15 episodes as DP and 8 episodes as B camera) Gemini nominated 2006
  • Echo As One Production (16 eps)
  • Five Days to Fame CBC 1 hour documentary, director: Mark Mowad,
  • Country Couples Higher Ground, CMT U.S./CMT Canada (Lifestyle series 12 episodes) Director: Chas Hay
  • This is Daniel Cook Marble Media and Sinking Ship Productions (Lifestyle series B Camera)
  • Opening Soon Red Apple Entertainment (Lifestyle series) Director: Various
  • Skin Deep Inner City Films (Lifestyle series)
  • Master Mind Red Apple Entertainment (documentary style series) Director: Various
  • Style VIP Upfront Entertainment (Lifestyle series)
  • The Right Fit Telefactory (Lifestyle series)
  • Wednesday Night PTV (CBC 1 hour documentary)
  • Witness Producer Associate (CBC 1 hour documentary)
  • Life's Birth Stories Cineflex (Lifestyle series)
  • Road to Hollywood Cineflex (Lifestyle series)
  • Age of E Sleeping Giant Entertainment (Lifestyle series) 12 eps.
  • Coming to Voice Rhino Film ' video (Feature Documentary) Director: Glace Lawrence
  • Song Writers Café Summerhill and CMT Canada (1 hour TV Music Special) Prairie Oyster, Chris Cummings, Mike Plume, Kim Richie, Farmers Daughter, Director: P. Gardner
  • Life Interrupted Sleeping Giant Entertainment (Lifestyle series)
  • Exhibit A Kensington Communication, 2nd Unit (Lifestyle series)
  • Pilot Season Cineflex (Lifestyle series)
  • Star Treatment Kaleidoscope Entertainment Inc. (Lifestyle series)
  • Urban Fitness Urban Fitness T.V. (Lifestyle series)
  • Adolescence, The Stormy Decade Sleeping Giant Entertainment (13 part series)
  • Pet Project Pet Project Production (Lifestyle series)
  • Life's Little Miracles Breakthrough Entertainment Inc., (Lifestyle series)
  • Life's Weddings SummerHill/Life Channel, (Lifestyle series)
  • Jane and Finch Prieto ' McTair (Documentary) Director: Roger McTair


  • Energy Credit Vertical Line Media (1x30 spot) director: Albert Rudnicki
  • Payal Production House, 1x30 spot Director: B. Brown
  • Crispy Production House, 1x30 spot Director: B. Brown
  • Sitara Production House, 1x30 spot Director: B. Brown
  • Re/Max Production House, 1x30 spot Director: B. Brown
  • Toronto Library Production House 4x30 spots Director: B. Brown
  • London Life(2x30)Avia Production Director: Ian Chan
  • Scotia Bank (3x15 Spots) CTV Digital Director: John Taylor
  • Bell Expressvu (1x30 Spot) Director: Jennifer Connelly
  • New Markham Mall AVAI Production (2x30 Spot) Director: Ian Chan
  • United Way Spank Films (3x30 Spot) Director: Mark Mowad
  • First Choice Haircutters Nicholas Bonk Productions (2x30 Spot) Director: Bill Argus
  • 3 In 1 Teeth Whitener MJM Productions (1x15 Spot) Director: Ed H.
  • Ital Pasta MJM Productions (1x30 Spot) Director: Giacomo Moncada
  • Vitale Big Star (1x30 Spot) Director: Giacomo Moncada
  • First Choice Haircutters RD Entertainment (3x30 Spot) Director: Bill Argus
  • Sony Play Station RAJE (1x30 Spot) Director: Cliff Skelton
  • McCain's Magic (1x30 Spot) Director: Paul Gardner
  • Budweiser Magic (1x30 Spot) Director: Derek Case
  • CAA MJM Productions (2x15 Spots) Director: Collin McKay
  • "Muscle" Ford Mustang Gord McWatters Productions (2x20 Spot) Director: Gord McWatters
  • P.S.A. Silent Voice Storm Watch Productions (1x30 Spot) Director: Paul Gardner
  • Friends Fetzer-Magic (1x30 Spot) Director: Derek Case
  • Rap City MuchMusic (1x30 Spot Show Opening) Director: Gord McWatters
  • Bank of Montreal Gord McWatters Productions (1x30 Spot) Director: Gord McWatters
  • American Concert Listings MuchMusic (1x30 Spot) Director: Dan Hawk
  • Soul Survivor Rhino Film and Video/Northstar (E.P.K.) Director: Glace Lawrence
  • Urban Jungle Rhino Film and Video (1x30 Spot) Director: Joel Goldberg
  • USGL and Coors Lite Allen Images (1x30 Spot ' 1x60 Spot) Director: Vanze Chapman
  • MuchMusic Carl Armstrong Production (3x Christmas Spots) Director: Carl Armstrong
  • Cria – Kim Mitchell Carl Armstrong Production (1x30 Spot) Director: Carl Armstrong
  • New Music MuchMusic (1x30 Spot) Director: Greg Scott
  • Aids Rhino Productions (3x30 Spot) Directors: Glace Lawrence and Anthony Browne


  • Features, documentaries, lifestyle T.V., commercials and music videos, an expert in all formats. Have a working visa to the U.S


  • The Silver Chris (Best of its Division) for Scanning The Movies: The Matrix Reloaded.
  • Gold Special Jury Award for Scanning The Movies: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Worldfest Houston,
  • Gemini for Exhibit A for best photography (2nd Unit).
  • "Best Short" for Blue Hair at the Hollywood Underground Film Festival (2002)
  • "Best of the Fest" for Blue Hair at the Rochester International Film Festival (2002).
  • Best Feature Documentary for Raisin' Kane at the Place at the Jamaican Film Festival for Vicious Cycles.
  • MuchMusic Video Award for Ghetto Concept.
  • Mic Check Award for Best Hip Hop video for KO's. Best Reggae Award (Reggae Awards) for Donna Makida.

Music Videos

  • Shot in excess of 150 videos

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